Ross has adopted Valerian

Laurence is co-adopting Valerian

Ross contacted the project via  a link to the website on twitter, hurrah. A pharmacy student. Ross I hope you enjoy joining this project. Do keep in touch and try to meet up with some of the others when workshops are annnounced. 





If you are interested in the progress of our exploration please visit the Adventure Valeriana blog, Here you will find a more in-depth journal of our adventure in to Valerian!

I continued hunting through the effervescent bogs and rotten logs for a good hour and a half, I did not find either but discovered a pocket of lively nature on the doorstep of the city that I will return to when spring has fully set in.

I began my hunt for Valerian on a suitably drizzly morning in March, from the books I knew that bracken and mire are the likely habitat and my eagerness to claim the plant had given me hope. I was also seeking a slime mould, more specifically the yellow Physarum polycephalum, or ‘Dog’s Vomit’ to the rest of us, I read that Valerian oil is an attractant to this amoeba and wanted to experiment with it’s effects.  

The first thing I noticed about these plants was not their small slightly spiky leaves but the mass of knotted roots, one of which had fallen to the floor, which seemed to interests the cat quite a bit. Some of the plants I prepared seemed confused about which way was up, as their stems and leaves were growing in the same direction as their roots!

Rubbish Photo but this is Ross at the Rare Books colllection at the John Innes Institute. A group visit to research herb on May 3rd 2012. Thanks to Mike who showed us around. Some really old big books, WOW. This book was Gerard's Herbal. Valerain is a herb that is well documented and one finds lots of hand painted illustrations in these books. Any chance of uploading your pics Ross? 


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