Nick adopts Tobacco

From seed (they are tiny) to plants. the last two pictures show the leave which can be dried, cured or rolledin cigarres. The flowers are trumpets with fused petals. Really pretty. 

Thanks to 'Mark in Flowers' for pics of his mature plants. Chris has grown the seedlings and is interested in seeing what Tabacco or Nicotiana Tabacum looks like. Chris says he was inspried to grow his own after some advice on how to cure the leaves. I wonder what would happen if people had such a close relationship with their cirgarettes? 


On looking through some books notably Mrs Grieve's "A Modern Herbal' we cam up with some notes. 


By the way, if you are thinking: Aren't Nicotianas a bedding plant? Yes they are and fairly common as such. The smoking tabacco is a specific variety though. The bedding plants are known for their perfume. 


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