Caspar adopted Sage after singing about it (see welcome page).

Casper, Maria, Dano and Alan do a Secret Tea Tasting with Sage

Amaia wanted a coffee

4 friends show their drawings around the table drawings of the effects of Drinking Sage

Secret Tea Tasting Explained

Secret Herb Tasting is interpreting how the herbs affect you bodily. Blind possibly rather than secret but secret sounds better. 


To do this: you need art materials and a cup of tea. (the secret bit refers to a cup of unknown herbal tea, so maybe you need a friend to do this for you too).


1) take a moment to check in and see how you feel

2) optional: draw an outline of yourself on the paper e.g. the human form

3) smell, taste and drink a cup of herbal tea, try to resist talking and guessing which tea it is, just allow yourself to experience any effect on you. 

4) choose colours and types of art material to express that experience/ feeling. 


If done without knowledge of the herb then it is assumed to be without our preconceived expectations e.g. chamomilie makes you sleepy. 


Have a go

Secret Tea Tasting with Sage

Got any Comments?


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