Purple Honesty

From USA, Eugene Oregon, Heather Nic an Fhleisdeir filled in the contacts form and said this: 


Which herb you would like to adopt?

Purple honesty



I would like to adopt purple honesty if you are still taking 'adoptions'.


As I looked at your list of herbs, many of which I know well; purple honesty kept 'shining'. I rationalized  that because purple is my favorite color since a child and honesty is my most loved quality that must be why I was seeing it so brightly. After searching it I find this plant has been haunting me for years as 'money-plant'. I want to know the medicinal and esoteric uses for this wayside weed as I am sure it was held in great regard at one time. about this herb.


The only bit I know at this point is that it is in the mustard family and so I can imagine uses right away, but do not know any as of yet.

I would love to know everything written about it, and then I would love to have the plant personally give up it's secrets to me as well. I would love to know some chemistry and folklore especially


I will no doubt attempt to use my drawing skills to depict it not only in image, but also essence.


What a fun project this sounds!



Dan Repies: The Project is over but do some research yourself and others will read this and will comment and help as will I. If you draw, type, take a photo etc then send it to me and Ill upload it. By the way how did you get to hear of this? Lovely to have esteemed friends from Oregon. 


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