Ieuen adopts Parsley for it's Culinary uses.

Charlotte co-adopts Petroselenium crispum too

Ieuen spoke of Welsh cooking needing Parsley and plenty of it. We chatted for ages and he also spoke of Cowl - a meat Broth, The other 'Welsh' cooking musts: Leeks chopped fine and used as a herb, Thyme, Sage and Miint. Great talk of Elderflower Wine (sweet and amber colourer) as a fever remedy given to kids and the 'horrible' chest rubs of goose fat. Penny wort for ringworm. The physicians of Mydvvai- herbalist tradition going back to druidic times.

Ieuen had this old Welsh cookery book. Cawl is the stew. Phersli is parsley in Welsh. 

Charlotte co adopts Parsley

Parlsley poster

Charlotte, I lost the video of you explaining this poster. Please forgive me if I summerise here and add a comment below if I missed anything. Charlotte from Transition Norwich found out the minerals in Parsley, and came up with the folded channels in the leaf as similar to the kidney channels. On looking up in books the herb has properties: anti imflammatory, anti spasmodic, for aenemia and debility. The name relates to rocks. 



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