Pansy - Viola

Dandifest's Adopt a Pansy - Dano holds Viola tricolor tincture next to potted Pansies awaiting adoption.
Pansy 'Gambia' awaiting adoption , Wild Norfolk Heartsease and a Dano Drawing

Dandifest came out of the creative arts scene in Norwich. So chuffed that these guys are doing their thing and letting others join in. I think the Adopt a Pansy Idea is credied to Vince.

"there's no website , it's a happening you're either out or you're in"


To adopt a Pansy you donate what you can and take a potted pansy. 

Each pot has painted on it a country where it is illegal to be a pansy (gay/ homosexual). 

There are a lot and 7 where you can get executed. 


Really shocking that there are so many places in the world where people are outlawed for their sexuality.  


My take on the adopting is that there are going to be at least 80 adopted pansies out there and it would be really amazing to get a few people who have done so to comment below on what it means to them. (scroll down)


I dug up some native Viola tricolor - Norfolk's orginal pansy and proginator of the colourful cultivars we see all about over the Winter months to May.

Thanks Jerrica, I really enjoyed Monoprinting for the first time.




When nothing else can cope with cold before the late spring flood of bedding plants make their late entrance, you use me to fill flower tubs. I see you half smile at my amazing colours, my gaudy pallette. Only half smile as my petals, you bred, remind you alien faces, slightly eerie bobbing in the wind, stuck in a pot. But really, fuck being a Pansy, intensively preened, deadheaded as soon as I fade. Pity my borg life in huge greenhouses before painting you doorstep, absorbing your mundane hurt. Life is short and I could do with some love. Adopt me please. 




I'm the Viola, Heartsease, the wild Norfolk pansy, wild anywhere especially where you ain't looking. Direct route to Pan's eyes and oberserver of the forgotten places. I flourish at the edges, grow all over your world. My Pansy cousins may have you undersurveilance and have adopted you to their hearts, but I got bigger worries. You call me a weed, I consider myself a Dandy in a brave new world. I'm in the soil, my seeds are sown, I have always been here, waiting for the 99% to even notice me. When you do, you too will see that wild beauty has medicine. I forgive you haters, it takes time to learn that weeds are of value, you will get there but I cry for those, for whom it's come too late.




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