Allotment Herbs Needing Adoption


Goose grass/ cleaver

Forget me Not



Red Dead Nettle


White Dead Nettle


Purple Honesty


Other herbs needing adoption

Ribwort Plantain

Greater Plantain (rounded leaves) 


Ladies Mantle

Lemon Balm

White Honesty


Lamb's Ears

Lesser Celendine



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  • Dano Wheals (Tuesday, November 27 12 10:16 am GMT)

    Heather, I have put a page for Dandelion, ladies mantle and Plantain up if you would send me something who have written to put on the pages. Thanks so much. Dano

  • Heather (Monday, November 26 12 09:23 pm GMT)

    I'm up for Dandelion, rib wort plantain and or ladies mantle, love those herbs and have already been writing about them

  • Elinor McDowall (Thursday, May 10 12 10:27 pm BST)

    Hi Dan

    I rather fancy adopting the White Dead Nettle. All I know so far is that it's pretty, bees like it and it flowers for ages. And I want some in my garden. How else has it been used? Exactly how long
    does it flower for, which bees can access it, what is it's pollen/nectar release cycle?

    So - can I adopt it please?