To your left are the herbs, click on them to see who has adopted them. What have they have found out? 


More than one person can adopt each herb. 


This is your space to explore a plant/ herb/ weed so just contact me to join in. I will upload your work.


Enjoy and do leave comments if you wish, please address them to the person who has adopted the herb. e.g. Jon that is brilliant picture, would you eat it? I tried once but it tasted horrible, any tips?.

secret tea tasting at the Adopt a Herb exhibition secret tea tasting at the Adopt a Herb exhibition

I wanted to explain these drawers. The Spontaneous Cities installations in three sites in Norwich (look like bird boxes cities on trees) was the inspiration for our community art project. I thought of my Dad's wooden draws and as a medical herbalist I long for those beautiful drawers full of different herbs which conjure up images of victorian pharmacies. My Dad gave them to me afterwards. bless him.


See the 'history behind Adopt a Herb' page for more info. 

Adopt a Herb exhibition Adopt a Herb exhibition


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