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I am really keen to let fellow herbalists know that you can get all sorts of extra income from being in a herbalist. The Norfolk and Norwich Arts Festival 2012 emplyed me as a medical herbalist to work with a group of artists on the Spontaneous communities Project. My role was to work with adults based at the Sustainble Living inititive and Bluebell Road Allotments in Norwich. 


I have also worked with Schools helping to teach maths and science in primary schools, Make year 7  (first year of seconday school) chemisty lessons fun and creative. I have also made a year 7 project on the plague come to life with herbs and remedy making.


Think also of offering to give talks to W.I. groups, community groups and anyone you come accross. 


I have permaculture inspired plans for Community Supported Herbal Medicine and GP surgery herb gardens. 

Whisset & Spexhall W.I. were lots of fun Whisset & Spexhall W.I. were lots of fun