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If you enjoy the idea of adopting a herb, consider it as a group workshop in a school or club. I ask all apprentices to adopt at least one herb and upload their research, drawings and thoughts here. 

Adopt a Herb Exhibition Adopt a Herb Exhibition

The adopted herbs are gathered in 'The Herb Collection' see the green banner above. Clicking on underlined words take you to new pages too. Please explore and think about joining in yourself. If you want to join in, your enthusiasm inspires me to upload your work and set up a page for you. You can self enthuse each other by adding comments on each other's pages.


Althought this project has reached it's end, it is fuelled by plant enthusiasts so it can run it's self. History of this project.

Adopt a Herb is all about your exploration of a plant. Guided by Medical Herbalist Dan Wheals you will be encouraged to research (adopt) a single plant, it's uses medicinally or otherwise, it's history, it's botany and to get creative with an image to go with your words. Just get in touch if you fancy joining in.


Choose a plant, weed or herb and say why you chose it. You'll have a webpage to add your research and as more and more people share their stories and learning, the herb collection will become a fascinating resource. I hope you’ll add some digital images too; a photo, a picture of your drawings or a video would be great to liven the up collection. You’re free to express yourself and poetry, videos etc are all welcomed. I can come to do a workshop with groups and put all the results online for you if that interests you. Call for a quote. See my example about an herb called Pellitory of the Wall or just explore the herb collection yourself.


I am very keen to promote the Canvas Campus 2013 to those learning about herbal medicine. It's the best way to become part of the UK famliy of herbalists. 


Taken from a Chambers Dictionary. HERB = most plants

Calypso Caspar sings Chapelfield Herb Woman after drinking Sage


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  • Tricia (Wednesday, April 25 12 09:45 pm BST)

    Love it ! can we have Calypso Caspar at the Celebration ? Pleeease ?